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"In my career as a hospital chaplain I encountered hundreds of people who wished their lives were different.  Whether challenged by the death of a loved one or a traumatic experience, too many of the people I met found themselves filled with regret and despair over the life they never lived.  Over and over I heard stories of forgotten dreams, lucrative yet unfulfilling careers, relationships and opportunities wasted.  I was struck by the sheer number of people living a shell of the life they really wanted.

I became a Coach because I believe a fulfilling and abundant life isn’t reserved for the few or the lucky.  I believe an abundant life is our birthright.  My greatest joy is helping others find the courage and freedom to create the life they have always wanted – and to create that life not with sweeping, radical changes, but through small changes that lead to a bigger life."      


Founder/Co-Owner/Certified Co-Active Coach

An established speaker, presenter and Co-Active Coach, Becky brings to Black Pearl Coaching over 20 years of experience in companioning individuals and systems toward a more fulfilling, creative, and abundant way of being in the world.   Informed by a unique blend of skills, experiences and education, Becky creates an inspiring and life-changing experience for her clients.



After leaving a career in corporate healthcare in 2016, Sarah set out to find work that better aligned with her sense of passion and purpose. She pursued work as a freelance business consultant for start-up nonprofits and small businesses who focus on serving marginalized populations.

Officially joining the Black Pearl team in 2017, Sarah has been an integral part of our internal business development and marketing strategies for the past two years. Bringing Sarah on board as a full team member allows us to expand the reach of Black Pearl Coaching into the business consulting arena.

Sarah blends coaching strategies with practical tools for business implementation to create a unique consulting experience for our clients. She loves to inspire and support small businesses, new startups and non-profits as they build a plan that will carry them successfully into the future.


  • As Executive Director at Lead(h)er, Sarah built a community-based mentoring program for women in the workforce. Check out the program here.

  • As web design and marketing consultant for Body Soul Wellness, Sarah created a brand design, website and social media marketing plan to drive a new business initiative.

  • Contracted to consult on a start-up nonprofit venture, Sarah led an inaugural strategic planning session and fund development strategy for LivWell Seniors.

  • In 2018, Sarah founded The Beautifull Project, a grassroots storytelling initiative that invites women to belong in the world with substance and strength. From concept creation to content curation, Sarah is the force behind The Beautifull Project.