Mark M.

Mark M.

A long time ago in another life I thought I knew my direction and what I wanted to accomplish. Then it all changed when I met Becky. I have been a client of the Becky's since September of 2015. Since that time I have gone from having a dream to making a difference in the Quad City Area. More specifically, the money that is being spent on her guidance and insight has kept me focused and in line with accomplishing a preset goal(s) every month. Her skills are very professional and insightful. Be prepared to go to a higher level as you work toward achieving your dream. What you reap in benefits to your vision is beyond the cost of this program.

Angela Elliot

Angela Elliott,
St. Ambrose University

“At least once, if not twice a week – one of my staff will reference a comment or insight from Becky’s coaching session that was a focus of our annual summer retreat. Becky is skilled in her ability to weave stories, scripture, wisdom, reflection and humor into her work. Her accessibility and genuineness establishes an immediate rapport and connection with individuals. She excels in “hearing” and validating the needs of her clients while also gently challenging their thoughts – and inviting them to expand or consider optional ways of thinking, of living. She truly uses her gifts in the process of assisting others to tap into and utilize their own.”


I knew nothing about Coaching before my experience with Becky, but I quickly discovered that coaching is not counseling or therapy.  Instead, coaching is a process that holds you accountable for the changes you say you want to make in your life; to remind you of the path you say you want to  travel when you begin to slow down; to remind you that not all decisions are a matter of right or wrong, but a matter of preference.   When I came to Becky, I was wrestling with a decision to retire and as a result of the work we did together, I was able to realize that there are many ways that I am able to be useful beyond my job.  I have set a date for retirement and because I know that I will be able to rely on coaching with Becky to help me adjust as I move forward, I’m actually looking forward to the transition.   Becky is a knowledgeable, patient and caring coach and it has been her help and guidance that have opened up new possibilities for my future.  I am very thankful for this experience.


Jonna Jensen

I sought coaching from Becky David in the context of being stalled in pursuit of important goals in life balance, creative work and wellness.  From our first conversation, I felt myself back in motion.  After only six sessions I have been able to achieve what felt like an impossible goal by submitting a story for publication. Becky comes carefully prepared to coaching sessions. Mutual expectations are very clear.  Becky brings wisdom, experience, deep and respectful listening and insightful, change-inviting questions.  The work was mine to do, the choices were mine to make, the results were mine to experience, but Becky's coaching absolutely inspired me to shift gears from neutral to drive.

lynn kilburg, Director of Ot-  st ambrose university

Becky offered fantastic insights on the importance of being open to the possible contexts and narratives of other people when building teams or seeking understanding between people. Her interactive lecture with our students helped provide the foundation for their work with each other in the program and also their future work creating therapeutic relationships with their clients. The concepts reinforce our focus on professionalism and client-centered care as practitioners.