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Meet Becky

In my career as a hospital chaplain I encountered hundreds of people who wished their lives were different.  Whether challenged by the death of a loved one or a traumatic experience, too many of the people I met found themselves filled with regret and despair over the life they never lived.  Over and over I heard stories of forgotten dreams, lucrative yet unfulfilling careers, relationships and opportunities wasted.  I was struck by the sheer number of people living a shell of the life they really wanted.

I became a Coach because I believe a fulfilling and abundant life isn’t reserved for the few or the lucky.  I believe an abundant life is our birthright.  My greatest joy is helping others find the courage and freedom to create the life they have always wanted – and to create that life not with sweeping, radical changes, but through small changes that lead to a bigger life



Dreaming Out Loud  -the gift of mentoring          

Consider your life.  Consider Coaching.

An established speaker, presenter and Co-Active Coach, Becky brings to Black Pearl Coaching over 20 years of experience in companioning individuals and systems toward a more fulfilling, creative, and abundant way of being in the world.   Informed by a unique blend of skills, experiences and education, Becky creates an inspiring and life-changing experience for her clients.



In this guest appearance, Becky shares her thoughts on the church, spirituality, and the swearing-beer consumption connection.