You are created to create.

From the moment you took your very first breath, you have been creating. You made the body that you use to move in the world. You pieced together your personae from the fragments of adolescence. When you stumbled and suffered, you managed to transform your pain into purpose.

Uncover your creative potential.

At Black Pearl Coaching, we believe that your creative power is limited only by the resources available for you to unlock that power. Much like a buried black pearl requires a shovel to uncover its beauty, your creative potential is lying right under the surface, patiently waiting for you to find it and put it on display. 

You are a born dreamer. 

Do you have a dream to realize? Maybe you've imagined starting your own business, your own blog, your own book... Maybe you dream about dancing or doing something daring, something that might change the entire world, or just your tiny corner of it.

You are invited to dream with us.

Dream Design is a unique blend of group coaching and personalized coaching, aimed at giving you all the tools you need to design the dream that lies just under the surface of your reality. This exclusive 6 month coaching curriculum combines the motivational benefits of personal coaching with the practical, "how-to" guidance required to move an idea into the real world. At the end of the series, you will have everything you need to turn your dream into a reality.

How It Works:

You will meet once a month for a 2.5 hour group coaching session. Sample curriculum topics include the following:

  • Meet Your Muse

  • Moving Through Fear

  • What About Failure

  • Getting Un-Stuck

You will have work to complete at the end of every group coaching session, but here is the best part... the price of tuition INCLUDES one personal coaching session per month to provide you with personalized attention and direction, guaranteeing that you get what you need from this series. If you're stuck in fear, your coach will work with you directly to move past it. If you've left fear in the dust, but need to write that business plan to take your first step, you will meet with a business coach who is capable of helping you get started.

Personalized planning at a price that makes it possible to reach for your dreams.

Dare to design your dream with us.