A Dreamer Without a Dream


I often quote a saying that goes something like this:

We teach best what we most need to learn.

I don’t know if that is actually true, but the sentiment certainly resonates with me. I rarely walk away from an interaction with a client without having had a mirror held up to my own insecurities and uncertainties, and occasionally to the anguish of not having an inkling of what comes next.

My entire life has been a series of opportunities that simply unfolded in front of me. Not since high school have I ever had to actively look for a job. In my early adulthood, planning my future was narrowly defined by whether I said yes or no to the opportunities as they came to me. It was all very easy and it didn’t ask very much of me.

Life as an entrepreneur is very different. Being responsible for every aspect of an endeavor can be draining. in many situations, a simple yes or no isn’t even an option. Instead the questions I ask my clients are questions i sometimes need to ask myself.

“What do you want? What are you afraid of? What if that wasn’t in your way? How much of the life you are living is your life?

And sometimes, just like my clients, I honestly don’t have an answer. There are times when I don’t know what is coming next, when I’m just trying to get all the work done, when I am not dreaming about or for anything.

As we launch the second cohort of Dream Design, i know that some people will read the promo materials and watch the video and think Dream Design isn’t for them because they don’t have an unfulfilled dream to bring into reality. They’ve never even thought about it.

How can the call to join us be for them if they don’t have a book to write or a building to design or a business to start? And how can I lead the process if I sometimes feel that way too?

Funny thing. Not everyone who participated in our first cohort was trying to make or build or design any thing. Because in reality, the thing is only part of the story. The outcome, it turns out, isn’t what makes the experience so rich. The real magic of Dream Design is what happens when a group of people gather and unleash their creativity, take risks, and expect something amazing from each other.

Sometimes dreams are designed here. Often, dreams are built here. But dreamers are always born here.

So what do you say… why not start here?

becky davidComment