A Front Row Seat


I saw a picture today of a friend with her new baby lying on her chest. The look on her face was absolute joy. As I looked deeper, it didn’t seem to me that the joy came just from the newness and excitement of a new baby -although that was probably part of it. What I recognized as I looked deeper at the photo was something my wife - also a mother - describes as those awe-filled moments when you realize that your insides are suddenly walking around on your outsides.

I didn’t recognize that look because I have had children or even because i have witnessed birth. I know that look because it is the same one I see when people create, anything really, that comes from a place of profound passion and courage. No need to compare making a baby to making a painting. The comparison is not in the product, but in the process. It is what happens when we birth a piece of our soul into the world. Something that was once inside of us, as us, is suddenly offered to the world.

It is raw, vulnerable and amazing.

One of the joys of the work I do is the front row seat I get to this kind of birthing. And believe me, not all birthing is the same. Some of my clients come with just a dream of a thing. It is little more than a stirring that their soul has something to say. Others begin the journey knowing the idea, but knowing it as just a whisper. And then there are those who know exactly what they intend to create and need little more than a good inspirational midwife and the encouragement to push when it’s time.

No matter where the journey begins, it is always a privilege to be offered that front row seat. I am awe-struck by the compelling urge to create I have witnessed in so many brave souls. And I have watched lives change as a result - lives turned inside out for the better.

Baby or painting, podcast or poem, first novel or third best seller - it is absolute magic. Every time.

For me the next journey starts in just a few days when registration opens for the second cohort of Dream Design. I cannot wait for that privileged seat at the table with the brave folks who will join us. Maybe one of them will be you. It would be my privilege to sit in the front row and cheer you on.

becky davidComment