But I Don't Have a Dream...

Could Dream Design be for me, too?

We are just a few weeks out from the launch of our inaugural cohort of Dream Design, and we cannot wait to meet all of the people who are being drawn to the program. We have writers, and speakers, and founders, and entrepreneurs already committed to spending six months working to design their dream with us.

But do you know who we don't have?

We don't have any people who don't know their dream. 

And those are the exact people that we need to come along on this deep dive with us.

Now it might sound like we really just like to make extra work for ourselves, but that isn't the case at all. We do like to work, but more than work, we LOVE the experience of working with someone who is just tapping into inspiration. There is nothing like the energy of being with someone who is just coming into an awakening of creativity, someone who is standing on the edge of the dock, considering the deep dive just long enough to be convinced that something magnificent lies right under the surface. And we need those people to help inspire the rest of us who think we have an idea about what inspiration wants to do in our lives.

You don't need to know the dream to know it exists. 

Let Black Pearl Coaching help you uncover the dream that lies inside of you.

C'mon... you were made for this. 

Dare to design your dream with us.


becky davidComment