Leaping Into A New Year


This is probably not the photograph one might expect to see on a first of the year blog, but to me, it says it all. I have always seen myself as a bit of a grasshopper. You could even call it my insect totem, if there is such a thing. I tend to sit “still” for long periods of time, not making any real, visible progress toward my goals, and then one day, wham! I leap. All that sitting still, I’ve learned, isn’t really sitting still at all. It is more like revving up for the big move.

I remember the day I realized that the grasshopper was more than a fun way to talk about how I process my life. I was in an art class that I didn’t know was an art class. I thought I was there for a presentation. Imagine my angst when the facilitator handed out colored pencils and large paper. Now, it is important to know that I have always seen the artistic side of my brain as missing in action. I DO NOT DRAW. But I do like to meet expectations, so I played along. I took a pencil in my non-dominant hand (ya, that made it less anxiety-ridden) and started drawing. It was the most awkward feeling. But I kept at it, first with the blue pencil, then the green… and the red. When I finished it looked like a jumbled up mess. But then the teacher walked over to assess my progress. She looked at my art, shot me a crooked smile and turned the paper upside down and there it was. As plain as day. A grasshopper!

I have decided the grasshopper will be my totem for 2019. It really represents what happens when I let my heart do the work instead of my head. Life just has a way of opening up. A grasshopper year starts not with a resolution - a right brained exercise (sometimes literally) in the power of the will - but with an intention.

Unlike a resolution which focuses on doing or not doing something, setting an intention is centered around being differently.

A New Year’s Intention invites me to think more about how I want to show up in the world, and gives me more freedom to respond to the way life might unfold in March instead of feeling trapped by a resolution I made in January. For example, instead of making a New Year’s resolution to blog here every week, I am setting the intention to stay more connected to our Black Pearl Community. This gives me lots of wiggle room around how I might do that without losing the connective value behind all of it.

This past year was amazing. Not only did Black Pearl grow beyond all expectations… I did, too. It turns out that 2018 had less to do with growing a business and more to do with my own growth. Focusing on my spiritual journey has had a significant impact on my life, of which the business is just a part. How I got here feels like an important thing to share with a community of people I love and respect.

So, I’m going to take the leap and change the focus of this blog for 2019.

Less wisdom from my favorite spiritual teachers and mentors, and more real life me.

And while this kind of self-disclosure feels like a leap of gargantuan distance, I know that it close the gap between us, creating the exact kind of connection that makes this life worthwhile.

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